How To Treat Dry Eyes

How To Treat Dry Eyes In 2022

How To Treat Dry Eyes – Dry eyes may be a condition wherever your eyes aren’t manufacturing enough tears and/or the tears you are doing have evaporated too quickly. Dry eyes are either a short-lived condition or a chronic (long-lasting and doesn’t escape on its own) condition.

Temporary dry eyes are sometimes caused by one thing in your setting, like an excessive amount of mud or smoke, issues with prescription lenses, dangerous lighting, etc. If the problem cause is removed, then temporary dry eyes can get far better or perhaps disappear. Chronic dry eyes are caused by AN underlying medical condition(s). These will embrace health conditions of the attention glands, skin diseases close to the eyes, and allergies. There area unit many totally different treatment choices that are obtainable.


– Artificial Tears: These area unit special eye drops obtainable over the counter. Frequent use of those will greatly reduce symptoms in light-weight to moderate cases.

– Prescription anti-inflammatory drug antibiotics: typically prescribed if your doctor believes your dry eyes are caused primarily by inflammation of the attention lids.

– Special prescription eyedrops: like Cyclosporine and lifitegrast (Xiidra).

– Eye inserts: These tiny clear tubes of medication appear as if grains of rice and get into your eye. They unleash medication throughout the day to stay your eyes dampish.

Medical Procedures
– Closing the tear ducts: part or fully plugging your tear ducts. The tears can keep in your eyes longer if there’s obscurity for them to empty. These plugs area unit product of silicone polymer and area unit removable.

– Special contacts: These special contacts area unit designed to shield the surface of your eye and stop wetness from escaping.

– Clearing blocked oil glands: This patient procedure applies heat to your eyelids to clear blocked oil glands.

Natural Treatments
– Regular application of a heat compress with a clean, wet textile on every eye for 5 minutes at a time.

– Regular cleansing of your outer eye lids and eyelashes victimization over the counter specialized eye cleansing pads.

– Adding anti-inflammatory drug food or supplements to your diet, like polyunsaturated fatty acid.

– victimization physic eye drops.

Environmental and activity Changes

– Don’t keep reading a display screen or device for several hours at a time – take frequent “eye breaks”.

– keep out of smoky, soiled or terribly dry environments.

– Don’t have constant air (from a devotee or air conditioner) processing on your face.

– Get and use properly prescribed correction lenses, particularly for time spent on a pc.

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